Welcome to the deliciously different world of Wilding's Duck Crackling

Chef and founder, Adam Wilding

Chef and founder, Adam Wilding

Wilding’s is a company that brings you exciting and innovative products that are full of amazing flavour and texture, offering a taste experience like no other.

Our range of snack foods are the ultimate foodie treat. Rich in protein and packed with flavour, our crispy snacks provides bags of goodness, as well as a deliciously different snacking experience.

Snacking may be natural but most snack products are anything but. We believe that natural, nutritious food tastes better. The roots of Wilding's are in professional kitchens where nothing is wasted in the pursuit of perfection.

Getting our ducks in a row

The idea of creating this unique snack food was born out of using Duck Crackling as a canapé course, which didn’t come about easily. It’s notoriously difficult to make duck remain crispy, and only after we discussed attempts to crack the recipe with our team of food scientists were we able to create the perfect texture.

We triple cook our high quality ingredients and then combine them with delicious natural spices, all within our very own Wiltshire Duck Crackling factory. Doing things ‘our way’ guarantees you the highest quality snack food. A snack that’s high in protein and a rich source of omega oils, makes for the perfect nibble or accompaniment to any glass of wine.

We are not just another snack. We are Wildings.