Nutritional Information

Made from 100% natural ingredients

We make every effort to create the healthiest snacks we can and believe that we should indeed be eating what we've evolved to eat.

All our snacks are Paleo friendly and popular with those who follow a Ketogenic diet, so you get ‘snack on track’ to a healthy lifestyle.

We entered our Peking Duck Flavour and won the 2017 UK Paleo Award for Excellence. 

Other than the addition of a little fine sea salt, we don't add any preservatives to our products. We're totally free from nitrates, nitrites and sulphites.

We believe in healthy snacking, our snacks are high in protein with next to no carbs, high in Omega 9 and a source of Omega 3.


Duck Crackling Flavour Titles, Peking Duck Flavour, Smoked Sea Salt and Kampot Pepper and Habanero Chilli and Lemongrass.

Nutritional Values for all three flavours. Ingredients: Duck skin, salt, spices and coconut sugar. Nutritional Info: Typical values per 100g, energy (KJ) 2788 kJ, energy (kcal) 673 kcal, protein 34.2g, fat 56.5g, of which saturates 11.1g, carbohydrates 6.4g of which sugars <0.4g, fibre 0.9g, sodium 1.26g.