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Here are our most asked questions, if we haven’t covered yours, please contact us directly. We are always happy to tell people about our products.

Duck & Lamb Crackling

Are your snacks like pork scratchings?

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We’re big fans of the humble pork scratching. Duck & Lamb Crackling however is quite different. Lighter in texture and richer in flavour, our snacks deliver a delicate crackle rather than a hard crunch.

Where do you source your duck?

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Provenance and traceability are very important to us. We source our premium duck from a family run farm called Silver Hill, in Ireland.

Where do you source your lamb?

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Lamb is a seasonal ingredient, so we source grass-fed lamb from Wales and if out of season it comes from New Zealand.

Real Food

Are your snacks healthy?

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Duck & Lamb Crackling is nutritious because it is nutrient dense. We make only 100% natural, products that are high in protein, low-carb with no refined sugars. There are no hidden nasties in our snacks. They are also gluten free and free from all known allergens.

Are your snacks Keto & Paleo-friendly?

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Yes, both are very low carb. The duck is 1.6g and lamb only 0.31g per pack, which is well below the recommended 20g of carbs per day, required to stay in ketosis.

Do you cook in vegetable or seed oil?

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No, we render high-quality animal fats using traditional methods and use them to fry and confit our products.

Where can I find the nutritional information?

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You'll find nutritional information on the back of pack or please see our nutritional information page that provides information on all the products.

Why do you add coconut sugar?

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When developing the snack, Adam wanted to keep as close as possible to the original Peking Duck recipe, which uses honey. 

Adam found organic coconut sugar was the best solution for keeping the snack natural because it isn't processed and is considered low on the glycemic index.

Do your snacks have any allergens?

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There are no known allergens in our snacks. We use 100% natural ingredients from accredited suppliers, and prepare all our products in an allergen-free kitchen.


Where are your products stocked?

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You can find our full range of snacks on Ocado, Amazon, and BoroughBox, Cotswold Fayre as well as in many independent farm shops and deli's.

Can I stock your products?

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Yes, you can order our products at wholesale prices directly from our website. You just simply need to complete a short online form to open an account with us.


Are your snacks made in the UK?

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Yes. Our snacks are handmade by us in our SALSA accredited Duck Crackling factory, located in Wiltshire, UK.

Can I recycle your packaging?

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Not yet, however we're currently working with packaging companies to find a pouch solution that will retain the right barrier protection for product quality and that can be 100% recycled.

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