What ingredients do you use? Our snacks are simply seasoned with all natural ingredients, so you can enjoy guilt free snacking.
Where did the idea for Duck Crackling come from?
Our unique snack product originates from our Chef and business founder Adam Wilding, who conjured up the concept of a crispy duck canape base, the rest is history.
Are Wilding's Duck Crackling paleo friendly?
Absolutely, we've made every effort to create the healthiest crackling we can. We believe that we should indeed be eating what we've evolved to eat.
What is the shelf life? Maximum of 12 months, please always read the best before date on pack.
Where can I buy your snacks?
You can see who stocks our Duck Crackling by clicking here. To buy directly from us click here or for trade enquiries click here.
How can I use Duck Crackling as a culinary ingredient?
Wilding's Duck Crackling is not just a snack. Try adding Crackling to your salad or soup recipes as a delicious take on the crouton, enjoy a protein packed crunch whilst avoiding the carbs. Or use our Duck Crackling as a base for a rich paté or simply as a plate garnish to wow your guests.
Where do you source your duck from?
We only use British reared ducks from BRC accredited suppliers, where every effort is made to create the highest welfare standards for the animals. The breeds used are Peking and Aylesbury crosses, which produce the best texture and flavour for our snacks.
How do you create your flavours? Chef Adam Wilding is our master taster, he carefully blends our seasonings following his strict recipes. We try to create flavours that appeal to everyone, whether it's our simple "Smoked Sea Salt & Kampot Pepper', our fragrant 'Traditional Peking Duck' or even some chilli heat from our Habanero & Lemongrass Duck Crackling.
How is your Duck Crackling made? Our British reared duck is triple cooked, following specific processes and a trade secret recipe.
Are your snacks like pork scratchings? We believe that our snacks are a lighter, more elegant counterpart to pork scratchings, and you can rest assured that you won't be breaking any teeth!
I have a gluten intolerance, can I eat your Duck Crackling snacks?
Yes, all of our ingredients are from accredited suppliers and are completely free from gluten. In fact all of the most common allergens are skillfully avoided.
Are there any preservatives or additives in any of your snacks? Other than the addition of a little fine sea salt, we don't add any other preservatives, we're totally free from nitrates, nitrites and sulphites.
Where do Wilding's make their snacks?
Our snack foods are cooked, seasoned and packed in our very own ‘Duck Crackling’ factory on the edge of Wiltshire's Salisbury Plain. Here is where the magic happens. Chef and Wilding’s founder Adam works with a small team of ex armed forces staff who are recruited from the local area.
Are your snacks healthy? Yes, we believe in healthy snacking, our snacks are high in protein, next to zero carbs, high in Omega 9 and a source of Omega 3.
Do any other snack companies make Duck Crackling? No, we are quite unique, Wilding’s are the world’s only known manufacturer of Duck Crackling.