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Wilding's 'Oysters Duckafella' Recipe

Wilding's 'Oysters Duckafella' Recipe

Oysters Rockefeller were named so after the richness of the dish, though back in 1889 in the New Orleans’ restaurant where they were conceived, they may not have had to hand the Wilding’s duck crackling that would have nudged this further up the rich list.

Presented here is ‘Wilding’s Oysters Duckafeller’, if you excuse the shellfishly titled pun!

Wilding's oyster duckafella

This recipe idea came about whilst planning a menu for a friend with a great love of all things seafood. The Rockafeller twist is a great way to layer even more flavour on top of the complex range that exists in Oysters on their own, and also offer the addition of an extra crunchy texture that would otherwise come from toasted bread crumbs.

3 fresh oysters
1 pack of Wilding’s Habanero & Lemongrass Duck Crackling
A little Parmesan Cheese
1 sprig of Dill
Some cut chives
1 tsp of tomato salsa

I like to present the oysters on a bed of Sea Salt and If you’re following suit then take your serving dish and place a generous amount of salt where you want them to go.  

Next you’ll want to open the oysters.

The safest way to do this is to use a clean cloth to hold the oyster in place whilst you’re carefully prising the shell open. The cloth not only gives you better purchase on the oyster but also helps to avoid a potentially nasty accident if you lose control of the knife. You have to be quite careful here. The trick is to gently work your oyster knife gently into the more narrow, hinge end of the shell, gently applying pressure into the shell whilst wiggling side to side.

With a little persistence you should find that the shell pops open. You can then run your knife along the inside flat edge of the shell to free the oyster meat and remove the flat shell half.

Next, gently free the oyster again from the main half of the shell, do this by lifting the oyster up a little and lightly scraping it free. You might want to pour out some of the briny water into the sink, being careful not to lose the meat along the way.

Use a small clean brush to remove any broken shell

Repeat these steps for all your oysters.

Once you have your oysters in place on your salt bed, sprinkle over some of the Habanero & Lemongrass Duck Crackling and a little finely grated parmesan. Use the blow torch to quickly melt and colour the cheese and toast the Crackling, making sure not to scorch and blacken anything. Garnish with the salsa, dill and cut chives to finish.

Serve immediately for the freshest flavour and finest texture.

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