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Haunch of Venison with Shiitake Mushrooms

Venison with Shiitake Mushrooms

Here we celebrate wonderful local haunch steaks with some boldly flavoured accompaniments. Perhaps the one of the most sustainable meats available, with every ounce being field to fork.


2 x 200g venison haunch steaks

120g of shiitake mushrooms

1 x tablespoon of Wilding’s Duck Fat

80ml red wine

80ml of chicken stock

1 teaspoon redcurrant jelly

100g cold butter

1 small banana shallot (around 30g once prepared)

1 clove of garlic

Pinch of sea salt 

A squeeze of lemon juice


Firstly, remove your venison steaks from any packaging, pat dry with paper and place in the fridge ready for later.  

Heat a pan or cast iron skillet if you have one, then add half of the duck fat. The fat should sizzle but not smoke.

Then add the girolles and shake into the pan. The mushrooms are of course very delicate so gently turn them with your spatula. Add a little salt, the pan should be ‘singing’ away but don’t over-cook them. Just 2-3 mins in total. 

Place the mushrooms onto a plate where they will cook through a little more before cooling. These are then ready to add to your sauce shortly.

Take your steaks from the fridge and dress with salt and the remaining duck fat. Use the same pan that you cooked the shiitakes in by bringing it back up on the heat.

Fry the steaks on one side until a nice colour develops before turning. You’ll want the heat up high but be careful to not scorch. Test the doneness of the steaks as your cooking by pressing with a finger. You’ll want a little give in the meat to know that they’re rare to medium rare. Depending on the thickness of the steaks the cooking time in the pan should be around 4 to 6 minutes. They will continue to cook through as they rest.

When you’re happy with your steaks, transfer them to a warm plate and cover with tin foil and then a cloth. This will insulate them as they rest and allow for a really tender treat. They’ll also be warm for when you serve them.

Next, you can make your sauce. In the same pan again, turn the heat down and sweat the diced shallot. Once these are translucent add in your garlic.

Next pure in your red wine and shake the pan to lift anything that’s stuck to it. Turn the heat up to reduce by about 2/3rds.

Add in your chicken stock and repeat the same reduction.

Add in your redcurrant jelly.

Once you are here, turn the heat off and shake in your cubed butter one piece at a time to make a velvety emulsion.

Add your shiitakes to the pan and continue to swirl the sauce so it doesn't split. If it does return to the heat and add a tiny splash of cold water and shake to re emulsify.

A tiny squeeze of lemon juice at this stage will add a freshness and lift the flavours up. 

Once you have finally tested the seasoning the sauce is ready to serve. 

At this point, uncover the rested steaks and carve them in half at an angle to show off your culinary master work. Transfer them to your dishes and portion the mushrooms and sauce by their side. 

If you have leftover sauce then refrigerate when cool for future use.

Quickly clean the pan whilst hot, I don’t use any soap here, just a brush or sponge then back on a low heat. Add your remaining butter and melt with chopped capers before pouring into your soup spoons for your butter bombs.

The last thing to do is enjoy this Venison 'winner of a dinner' 😋

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