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Duck Rillette with Black Cherry and Duck Crackling Canapés - Wilding Snacks

Duck Rillette with Black Cherry and Duck Crackling Canapés

Anyone who know's the story of Wilding's Duck Crackling, will know that the lightbulb moment came when founder Adam created some canapés for an event using duck rillette and duck crackling. We wanted to recreate a version of the canapés for your special events, and we didn't have to look far for a helping hand.

Our friends at Cornish Charcuterie handcraft delicious pâtés and rillettes on their own Cornish farm and one of them is decadent duck rillette enhanced with the slight sweetness of black cherries steeped in Cherry Marnier. Heaven.

Even better, these canapés are so simple to prepare that you'll have more time for getting ready and welcoming dinner guests.

What you need

- Jar of Cornish Charcuterie Duck Rillette with Black Cherry
- Wilding's Duck Crackling (We used Smoked Sea Salt and Kampot Pepper but Peking Duck flavour would work too)
- Black cherries
- A little fresh parsley

Here's how to make them;

All you need to do is slice the top and bottoms from the cherries. We added a little chopped parsley to the rillette for colour. Then simply stack the ingredients. Start with the crackling, then the bottom slice of cherry, then the rillette and then finish it off with the cherry on top! 

We'd love to see if you made these, tag us in any pictures! 

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