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Snacking is a huge market here in the UK, let’s look at the latest trends and innovations in the sector.

Is snacking on the increase or continuing to be popular why do you think this is?

The change in people’s lifestyles, where they don’t always have time to stop for a meal, has enabled the snack market to grow and become an exciting place to operate in the UK over recent years. There is much greater choice because consumers are looking for snacks that sustain their appetite for longer and crisps are no longer enough.  Crisps sales have been declining over the last few years, according to Mintel Research. Wilding’s Duck Crackling sits comfortably with the rise in meat snacks such as Biltong and Jerky and gets people’s attention because it is unusual, inventive and of course, delicious!


Savannah Box by Primal Snack Box

The Savannah Paleo Snack Box by Primal Snack Box

Healthy snacks or a little bit of indulgence? Which do you think is more popular and represents the biggest opportunity for farm shops/delis?

There seems to be more of a focus on the health aspects of snacks, with the move away from high sugar and carbohydrates because people are more conscious of the food they eat and where it comes from.  If they are replacing meals with snacks, they want to have good quality food that still gives the body what it needs. It is important to me, as a trained chef, to create great tasting food that is also nutritious.

There are some great health attributes to our Duck Crackling which has seen it voted joint winner of the Judges Excellence Award and runner up in the Snack category of the UK Paleo Awards 2017.

Duck is considered more of a delicacy and less of an everyday food item.  For instance, the price point is around three times the price of pork gram for gram. Duck fat is well known for its ability to make the most luxurious roast potatoes.

However, it’s becoming more and more known that many animal fats are in fact the healthy type and even contain essential fatty acids that the body cannot make by itself.

From analysis, we know that our Duck Crackling has high proportions of Omega 9, otherwise known as Oleic Acid (the healthy bit in Olive Oil), and also relatively high proportions of Omega 3 which is essential to good health, but only found in small proportions in nature.

On top of this, our Duck Crackling is high in protein and has a naturally low glycemic index because of the use of coconut sugars.  It’s also low in carbohydrates. Only natural ingredients are used and because we hand make every batch ourselves, we know that each pack is full of goodness and added ‘Duckadence’ (sorry, we love a pun at Wildings!)


How important is it in today's market for snacks to be organic, Fairtrade and/or ethically sourced?

What’s key is for us to be able to offer provenance. The duck that we use is from a single origin producer from within the British Isles, which gives us a strong measure of consistency and quality. We also know the levels of animal welfare are maintained from our supplier. It’s not always easy to know where ingredients are sourced for other meat snacks, and this can be a bit of a worry which I think is why the snack has been popular in farm shops and deli’s.  

The growth in farm shops over recent years is because people want to feel a connection with where their food has come from and that it is produced in an ethical way.


What new trends are there in snacking and how do your products help to meet these?

We are not alone in the growing rise of concern for the environmental impact of food manufacturing. Whilst our snack is an indulgent food with many health attributes, it also utilises forgotten ingredients that would normally disappear from the food chain. It’s a chef’s philosophy to celebrate the whole animal and leave as little waste as possible and we maintain that vibe at Wilding’s.

We look forward to sharing that with everyone at the Farm Shop and Deli Show 2018 so do come and see us for some ‘deliciously different’ Duck Crackling. You’ll find us in the Cotswold Fayre area, on Stand D78G.


You can find the FSD18 article our blog contributed too, here.

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