Cambodian Kampot Pepper

Today in our factory we’re blending some spices ready to season our next batch of snacks. I know this is going on as I can hear the chaps in the background discussing the “aroma of freshly cracked Kampot Pepper”..

But news just in, friends in Cambodia have reviewed our snacks which are complemented by their farmed Kampot pepper.

Siv Sheng Suthea the expert peppercorn sorter Tet the Cambodian farmer Cly the Cambodian farmer
Siv Sheng Suthea is an expert peppercorn sorter and grader in Kampot. She couldn't believe this was Duck Crackling, she'd tried pork crackling before but had never seen anything like this before. Tet, a farmer from Kep Province shows us his best smile and tells us he also “very much enjoyed” our Duck Crackling. He said “Ch'nang Nah Arkun” which translates as “very tasty thank you”. Cly is another farmer from Kep Province which borders and overlaps Kampot Province. She and her fellow farmers Hon, Paet and Wyn all loved the “exotic snack from the west”.

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