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A Review With A Difference

A little while ago Luke, one half of @GreeklishFoodie, wrote an interesting comment on Instagram after trying our duck crackling. What caught our attention is that Luke lost his sense of taste recently after a series of operations, so is now a self-professed Tasteless Foodie!
Fascinated by the alternative perspective he now has on food, we asked for a few words on what he thought. What we got was a pretty awesome review, a textural review you might call it 😉: 
So, as a caveat, I had an operation in 2018 which left me only tasting salt. A further one in January 2019 caused me to completely lose it, so after years of enjoying food, it's now more of a functional thing for me now and I have to search for anything with textures in order to try and find some enjoyment. However, I still have a sense of smell which is both a relief and a sense of frustration.
This brings me to Wilding's Duck Crackling. I was never a fan of pork crackling because they would often be overcooked and hard as a rock and the flavour like cardboard. So I was kind of interested as to how duck crackling would be and whether it would be the same. 
It really isn't.
I had the Smoked Sea Salt and Kampot pepper flavour and, although I couldn't taste the actual flavour, Kampot has an interesting fizz to it that's really similar to a lightly fizzy white wine or some versions of prosecco. It leaves a lightly dancing sensation on the tongue and reacts brilliantly with the sea salt to give the perfect little crunch element when snacking.
Duck crackling is not the same as pork, being much thinner, the skin doesn't take as much time to cook. So it still has some textural elements, almost melting in the mouth in order to leave you with the Kampot pepper and Sea Salt. For me, this is so important as most snacks are too one dimensional for me to want to eat them. Wildings provide a snack that provides such a pleasurable eating experience, something I will definitely want to experience again!
To view our full range of flavours available, take a look here.
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