Frequently Asked Questions

Wilding's Duck Crackling

Where did the idea for Duck Crackling come from?

Why haven’t I seen Duck Crackling like this before?

Are your snacks like pork scratchings?

Where do you source your duck?

What happens to the rest of the animal?

How is Duck Crackling made?

How is is made?

What ingredients are added to Duck Crackling?

How do you create your flavours?

Health, nutrition and Duck Crackling

Are your snacks healthy?

Do you use preservatives or additives in any of your snacks?

Are there any allergens in your Duck Crackling?

Can I eat Duck Crackling on a Ketogenic or Low Carb High Fat diet?


Where can I find your snacks?

Can I stock your snacks?

What's the shelf life?

Do you use oxygen sachets?

Where are your snacks made?

Crackling with creativity

Can I use Duck Crackling as a culinary ingredient?

Does Duck Crackling pair with beer or wine?

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