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Peking Flavour Duck Crackling

World's first duck crackling

Our award winning Peking Duck flavour uses an exotic blend of aromatic spices that will whisk your imagination away, to the orient. We've taken the best bits of Chinese crispy duck and created a delicious and nutritious on-the-go snack.

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Smoked Sea Salt and Kampot Pepper Duck Crackling

Smoked Sea Salt & Kampot Pepper Flavour

Renowned as one of the best peppers in the world, Kampot pepper with its deep, earthy flavour is carefully blended with smoked sea salt from the Cornish Sea Salt Company. The salt is smoked using cherry, oak and apple real woods to give our crackling a natural, well balanced smoke flavour. This classic seasoning compliments ducks crispy texture and delicious rich flavour.

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Habanero Chilli and Lemongrass Duck Crackling

Habanero Chilli & Lemongrass Flavour

This hot and fiery addition to our range, packs a spicy punch and is paired with the refreshing zing of whole ground lemongrass. Habanero powder is as hot and tasty as fresh. We use just a tiny amount of coconut sugar to round off the fruity flavour of the chilli beneath the heat. 

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Innovative. Sustainable. Delicious.

Here at Wilding’s we look at snacks differently. We break the conventional rules by exploring forgotten or rarely used ingredients. We combine simple, high quality, protein rich ingredients with great natural flavours. We want to redefine and transform your perceptions of snacking and open your eyes to adventure and excitement.

We are not just another snack - we are Wilding’s.


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Duck Fat Jar

Pure Duck Fat

Kettle rendered

We use traditional methods to produce our 100% pure British Isles Duck Fat. This essential kitchen staple, is perfect for confit, roasting or glazing.

Lamb Crackling Mint Flavour

Lamb Crackling Mint Flavour


Using 100% natural ingredients and British lamb, we're bringing to market a Lamb snack that is simple yet utterly delicious.

Lamb Crackling Moroccan Spices Flavour

Lamb Crackling Moroccan Spices Flavour


We've carefully selected only the finest traditional Moroccan spice blend to create the partnering flavour in our new lamb collection.

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