Welcome to the Deliciously Different World of Wilding's Duck Crackling

Wilding’s is a company that brings you exciting and innovative products that are full of amazing flavour and texture, offering an experience like no other.

Award Winning

Exotic flavours

Tantalising texture

Stylish snacking


“Crackling is an incredibly popular product amongst our customers as it is a low-carb and high fat source of energy. We only stock products made from all-natural sources that taste great and most importantly offer genuine nourishment, Wilding’s Duck Crackling delivers on all fronts.”

Molly, Perfectly Paleo

“We were delighted and excited to have Wilding Snacks at Speciality this year.
This is exactly the type of business our show stands for
brilliant innovation, passion, engagement and style.
We very much hope to showcase their top class Duck Crackling product again.”

Karen Bowen, Speciality Fine Food Fair

"Our 4.5 year old absolutely loves your Traditional Peking Duck snacks - which is a miracle as she is a very fussy eater! She needs to eat a Paleo diet for health reasons so we are very pleased to have found a snack she will eat."

Hazel, Yorkshire